darrenf's parkrun stats

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These graphs are windows into an individual's Parkrun data that neither the official parkrun results nor those from Running Challenges provide.

Bear in mind there was a pandemic for most of 2020 and 2021!


darrenf has done 327 total runs - 1635km, across 38 different locations. This has taken 663 weeks since 2010-09-18, so pretty much a parkrun every 2.03 weeks. Their personal best is 23:54.

The graphs


Attendance and performance based on the age of the runner at the time

Every run

Entire history of parkrun, with a trend line for the most frequently run event.

Cumulative time, and overall average

How much of life has been spent running at Parkrun events, plus the progression of the average finish time. Milestone (t-shirt earning) events are highlighted.


Pointless graph of days-of-month attendance

Time distribution

A histogram of minute-boundaries, coloured per-event


Attendance per-calendar month. Seasonality, basically


Consecutive run streaks (defined as maximum 7 days between runs)

Month by month

Attendance and performance per month over time

Yearly stats

Attendance and performance by year