darrenf's parkrun stats

(These graphs look awful on mobile, sorry. I'm not a frontend developer.)

The official parkrun results leave a little to be desired, IMO. I fancied a few new windows into the data.

First, some words. I've done 268 total runs (that's 1340km!), across 31 different locations. This has taken me 494 weeks since 2010-09-18, so pretty much a parkrun every 1.84 weeks. My personal best is 23:54.

The run I'm most proud of is when I ran 28:06 on 28/06.

Anyway! Onto the graphs, which aren't remotely in any useful order.


I've told my stats when my birthday is, and this graph shows the number of parkruns I've run while each age, plus my slowest/fastest/average times.

Every run

My entire parkrun history over time, and a trend line for the most popular event (Bushy Park).

Cumulative time, and overall average

The upward line shows how much of my life has been spent running at parkrun events; the other line shows the progression of my average finish time.


Probably the most pointless/least impressive graph here: it shows the "day of month" attendances and average times. No, I don't know why I bothered. I think I once noticed that I'd run on every date except the 28th, or something.

Time distribution

This histogram shows how many times I've run in a particular minute, and the colours show which event I ran them at. Leftmost column is most impressive therefore :) Hover over each cell to see the actual time/date/event.

Month by month

This is like the scatter plot of all runs, except aggregated into a month by month basis. It might show trends, or it might just be ugly. I quite like seeing the "ooh, that was a 5 parkrun month" peaks, and feel a bit guilty about the zeroes.


So, this shows how many times I've run in each calendar month since starting. Basically I wanted to see if I preferred winter or summer, both in attendance and performance terms. Like the other similar charts, it shows my fastest/slowest/average times for each month.


This chart represents how many times I've attended 2 or more consecutive parkruns. I might change the graph type one of these days, because the smallest slices are likely to be the most impressive!

Yearly stats

How many times I've attended parkrun in each year since I started, plus my slowest/fastest/average times